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Fishing as a Co-Angler: Benefits, Challenges, and Techniques

April 23,2023 8:42 pm Published by

One of the key aspects of determining when to fish as a co-angler or a boater lies in setting personal goals. Whether it's about becoming a better angler, gaining more experience, or optimizing available resources, weighing the financial and time considerations is crucial. While fishing as a boater may come with its advantages, fishing as a co-angler provides multiple opportunities to compete and learn, often at a fraction of the cost.

Catch Big Winter Bass with Kurt Dove

January 19,2021 8:08 pm Published by

Don’t tell professional bass angler Kurt Dove that the fish don’t bite during the winter months. He hails from the state of Texas where big bass lurk and ice fishing is fake news. He gloats, “In early winter the bass are still in fall patterns!”