How to Protect Your Boat

Find out how you can protect your boat like Andy Buss, pro-bass angler and one of Megaware KeelGuard’s ProStaff. Learn from his personal experiences, both good and bad why he trusts Megaware KeelGuard with his boat.

Protect your boat

Nothing wakes up the spirit of a boater more than to see the days get longer, ice disappear, and hearing the birds on the water. Hallelujah, this is now happening throughout the country! However, before you hunt a new lunker for your wall, fill up the freezer with fresh fish, or begin the skiing season, proceed with caution and protect that investment. Protect your boat.

My bass boat is not only my toy; it is my office for much of the open water season. I am blessed to compete regionally and professionally in bass tournaments, and it is imperative I protect my boat. This ensures not only success, but also safety. Like other investments, such as a vehicle and home, it is important to safeguard. Think of your home and vehicle. Chances are it is loaded with safety features taken for granted: airbags, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, locks, alarms, etc. When you look at it like this, doesn’t it seem like your boat needs to be fitted for protection too? Of course it does.

Protect your keel

Fiberglass damage on a boat can turn into thousands of dollars for repair quickly. Damage can come from anywhere – the shoreline as you beach your boat or while traversing the water from floating debris. The easiest and most effective way to protect your boat against this damage is with a Megaware KeelGuard. This product is my top recommendation for boat owners. These suckers are tough! It is made of a precise, abrasive-resistant blend of polymers and urethanes that attaches to the keel of a boat – the most likely place to encounter these objects and the shoreline. Damage to the KeelGuard simply means you saved potentially thousands of dollars in fiberglass damage, because the KeelGuard took the damage, not the fiberglass.  Look at what I put my boat and KeelGuard through:

 The toughness of this product is indisputable.

Protect your bow

Loading a boat is always a pain, especially if you are by yourself. And all boat owners know that dreadful thud of a boat hitting the trailer roller too hard. My boats’ bows have always been notorious for having scuffmarks and ugly marring on the gel coat. Luckily for me, I discovered a remedy and preventative product: the ScuffBuster Bow Guard. First, it covered up most of my scuffs, and now protects it from future marks. If I beat it up to the point where it looks poor (very likely), I can replace it for a fraction of the cost to remove scuff marks or even more with fiberglass damage. It’s such an easy way to protect your boat.

Protect your skeg

I expose my boat to all sorts of obstructions while pursuing shallow water fish. These obstructions are just waiting to destroy my investment. Case in point is the skeg on my motor. The image shows the damage a miscalculation cost me.

It is not always possible to avoid every obstacle, but preventing this damage was. Had I installed a SkegGuard beforehand, there would be no damage. The marine grade 316 stainless steel that makes it up will survive devastating blows from underwater obstructions. Luckily, installing one now will hide my damage, improve performance, and add value to my motor. If a skeg is already missing chunks due to hitting obstructions, then the SkegGuard can also serve as the skeg and improve steering. You only need two inches of skeg to add a SkegGuard. Now that’s a way you can fix and protect your boat.

No doubt you will be heading to the taxidermist several times in 2018, but be sure these moments are not at the sacrifice of your boat and wallet. Before you head out to your favorite body of water, be sure it is ready for the obstructions that await it. A minor investment and a little time can save you from thousands of dollars in damage.

You can find Megaware KeelGuard’s products to protect your boat online or at major retailers throughout the country. Just be sure that you are not swayed by subpar copycat products.

Check out more from Andy Buss on his YouTube Channel.