Give Your Boat the Edge
boat hull protection

With the original do-it-yourself keel protector, protect your investment against abrasive sand, rocks, concrete ramps and oyster beds.

skeg protection

Save hundreds of dollars on skeg repairs and replacement. SkegGuard installs with as little as 2 inches of skeg remaining.

skeg protection

Stop skeg damage before it’s too late. Protect your boat’s skeg against ramp dragging, rocks, debris and submerged objects.

pontoon protection

Pontoon guard is a custom engineered protection and safety product designed specifically for your pontoon.

boat hull protection

With several ScuffBuster products to choose from, save your boat’s finish from unwanted marring, scuffs and scratches.

boat convenience

This innovative multi-angle/extendable step attaches to your trailer frame, making boating more convenient than ever.

Bass Edge
Ship Shape


Trusted Protection

As seen on Aaron Martin’s Bass Edge and Ship Shape TV, KeelGuard is the choice of boat hull protection by many professional fishermen. KeelGuard has been protecting watercraft of all kinds, including recreational boats, fishing boats, dinghies, rigid inflatables and coast guard fleets for years. Join Megaware KeelGuard’s trusted customers by protecting your investment with the very best.