Megaware Unveils New Lime Green KeelGuard

Megaware got bold and added a Lime Green KeelGuard to their lineup! This twelfth color option adds an eye-catching new look to any boat looking to protect its hull from sand, rock, and other debris.

We Listened to the Pro’s

For over 25 years, Megaware has continued to refine its products to combat the hazards on the water while fulfilling the desires of boating enthusiasts.

Director of Operations Ryan Shumway recalls, “We had several requests during the 2019 ICAST show from BPT, BASS, and FLW professional anglers for a Lime Green KeelGuard. They wanted a color that coordinated with their brand, sponsors, and boat wrap.”









However, this bold new color won’t be around forever. “We’re adding Lime Green as a Limited Edition color,” said Tori Reed. “It’s a cool color and it’s trendy right now, so it will be fun. I’m secretly waiting for the Lavender and Teal of the 90’s to make a comeback,” she added jokingly.

With 12 colors to choose from, it is easy to match with a boat’s color scheme, but also with anyone’s personality. All of the colors are UV-Stabilized to keep the colors true and looking good for the life of the KeelGuard.

“We had several requests from BPT, BASS, and FLW professional anglers for a Lime Green KeelGuard. They wanted a color that coordinated with their brand, sponsors, and boat wrap.

Ryan Shumway

An Industry Leader in Product Development

A Megaware KeelGuard is like no other do-it-yourself keel protector on the market. Composed of an Ultra-Tough Polymer Composite, the KeelGuard is not only shock absorbent, but pliable and conforms to the keel of the boat.

For further protection against fiberglass and hull damage, an acrylic foam core is added between two layers of Acrylic Adhesive to soften the impact of objects.

It all comes together with 3M Technology. To ensure a secure and permanent attachment, 3M premium adhesives self-seal to the hull. This creates the perfect balance of strength and bonding.

The need for speed exists in the boating world as well. The patented Hydrodynamic Drag Reduction Channels create grooved air pockets to eliminate friction and drag and produce a smooth ride.

Rather one wants to blend in or stick out with Lime Green, a Megaware KeelGuard will protect your boat. So go boldly, go safely and go boating.

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