Megaware Pontoon Guard


Give Your Pontoon the Edge
The Megaware PontoonGuard is a custom engineered protection and safety product designed specifically for the pontoon boat market. It provides protection to the side of the tubes against abrasion and chafing caused by docks, other pontoons, and hidden obstacles.


Protect Vulnerable and Exposed Areas of Your Pontoon


Add a Custom Sleek Look
to Your Boat


Reflective 3M Strip Adds Safety by Increasing Vessel Visibility


In addition to protection, the Megaware PontoonGuard incorporates a 3M reflective strip to enhance the visibility of the pontoon in nighttime or low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source such as headlights or search lights. This can be useful either on or off water while beached, anchored, trailering or parked.


Pontoon Guard Colors


Megaware PontoonGuard is the right choice for your pontoon

  • Super Strong ¼” Ultra-Tough Polymer Composite
  • Do-it-Yourself 3M Bonding System
  • Special 3M Reflective Safety Strip Increases Visibility at Night
  • Machined Contoured Leading Edge
  • Contoured Sides for Clean, Tight Seal (no messy sealants needed)
  • 3 ½ Inches Wide
  • Patented Burnishing Tool Included in Kit
  • Three Year Adhesion Warranty
  • Available in Black, Gray, Red and Blue
  • Two Sizes to Fit Virtually any Pontoon Boat

PontoonGuard Size Price

The Megaware PontoonGuard is a very simple product to install; however, the following instructions must be strictly followed. Any short cuts or missed steps will jeopardize and compromise the full bonding capabilities of the 3M adhesive.


  • 2 PontoonGuards
  • Burnishing Tool
  • 3M Scotch-Brite
  • Warranty Card


  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Paper Towels/Clean Rags
  • Measuring Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Pencil
  • Utility Knife

3M recommends the adhesive should not be applied when temperatures are below 65° F or above 100° F. Keep in mind, even if the ambient air temperature is above 65°, the aluminum surface temperature may be lower. If the pontoon is stored outside in cooler weather, we recommend bringing it into a warm shop or garage, giving the aluminum sufficient time to rise to an acceptable temperature. It is important that the PontoonGuard and the tubes of the pontoon are at the same temperature during the application process.


Thoroughly wash your pontoon to remove any algae or oxidization. Remove any waxes or metal protectants such as Sharkhide® per manufacturer recommendations. Clean the area where the PontoonGuard will be installed with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.


Measure the length of the pontoon tube. If the PontoonGuard is too long, trim the PontoonGuard with a utility knife on the rear squared edge for a precise fit.

Measuring down from the top deck, find the center of your pontoon. A tailors measuring tape may also be used to measure from the top of the tube. Once you have found the center, measure up 1.75” and make a mark using a pencil. This is where the top of the PontoonGuard will be installed. Then measure down from the center 1.75” to mark the bottom of the guard. Continue to measure and mark every 18-24” down the length of the tube.


Align a strip of masking tape along the top marks and continue down the entire length of the pontoon. Repeat using the lower marks. Verify that the spacing between the masking tape is 3.5 inches and that the alignment is straight (it will be used as a guide during the application process).


Using the provided 3M Scotch-Brite Pad, thoroughly etch the entire length of the pontoon within the masked area


Thoroughly clean the area again with isopropyl alcohol, using paper towels or a clean rag. Repeat until the rag or paper towel show no signs of residue. Do not use paint thinner or other petroleum based cleaners as they can leave a film that will compromise the bond of the 3M adhesive.


Pull back 8-10” of each of the 3 red protective liners from the front of the guard. Do not touch the adhesive with your hands, as any contamination may compromise the bond.

Carefully align the PontoonGuard with the masking tape, and press it firmly in place using your hand or the supplied burnishing tool. (Once the adhesive touches the surface it becomes a permanent bond and will not release without tearing the adhesive.) Continue to align the PontoonGuard until the entire guard is installed.

Once fully attached, use the burnishing tool to apply additional pressure to the entire PontoonGuard, ensuring the pressure sensitive adhesive is firmly attached.

You are now finished and can enjoy the custom look and worry-free boating the Megaware PontoonGuard provides.

If you have any questions about product suitability or installation please call us at 1.800.292.9835.

*To keep your PontoonGuard looking new, clean with mild soap and water. If you wish to reapply any metal protectants or clean the tubes using acid based or chemical cleaners, the PontoonGuard must be masked to protect the finish and reflective film.

PontoonGuard ®
  • Protect  Vulnerable and Exposed Areas of Your Pontoon
  • Make Your Vessel More Visible During Night Operations or While Anchored or Beached
  • Avoid Unsightly Dents and Scrapes from Docking Your Pontoon
  • Add a Custom Sleek Look to Your Pontoon


Megaware KeelGuard, Inc. guarantees your Megaware PontoonGuard for a period of three years from the date of purchase.  Details »